Reduce the economic burden due to the most common and costly diseases.

By combining a non prescription version of our software with expert health coaches and nurses, we deliver a cost-effective solution to innovative health plans seeking to reduce healthcare utilization among their members with cardiometabolic diseases.

Better Insights

On-demand analytics and data visualization dashboards provide the most meaningful understanding health data.

Clinical outcomes and measures of cost-effectiveness are dynamically predicted with good accuracy for the enrolled population or any cohort.

Cost Savings Calculator

See the economic impact of Better on your health plan.

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The average annual costs of antidiabetic, antihypertensive, and lipid-lowering medications for members with the selected condition.
-$10m-$5m$0$5m$10mYEAR 1YEAR 2YEAR 3
Net Cost Savings
Per Member Per Month
Per Participant Per Month
Cost-effectiveness (ICER, $/QALY)
Cost-effectiveness is calculated cumulatively through the year selected. Quality-adjusted-life-years (QALYs) are a standard measure in cost-effectiveness analyses. When combined with the incremental-cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER), it allows for comparison of various interventions across different diseases to determine the greatest value for money. A new treatment is said to be “dominant” if it is lower in cost and more effective than the comparator and is clearly of better value for money.
A better path

Easy to implement. Pay only for outcomes achieved.

Better Payers Journey


Easy to Implement

A dedicated implementation manager works with health plans to identify eligible members and customize enrollment campaigns.


Effective Delivery of Care

A non-prescription version of our medical app combined with personal health coaching delivers validated behavioral therapy.


Personalized Treatment

Self-reported and remotely captured adherence and biometric data is used to adjust treatment to the individual and reward progress.


Data-driven Insights

Population managers have secure, on-demand access to engagement data, clinical outcomes and projected cost savings.


Pay for Performance

Value-based contracting rewards the acheivement of outcomes that directly reduce healthcare utilization.